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General Studies Information


(2 hours required; up to 3 hours count as General Studies Credit.)

In addition to those objectives required of all General Studies courses, students will:

  1. demonstrate the ability to confront the complexities--physical, emotional, economic, and/or technological--of the contemporary world.
  2. demonstrate the development of skills, behaviors and problem solving strategies necessary to prevail in the contemporary world.
CJUS 101GS, Introduction to Criminal Justice - 3 hours
CSIS 108GS, Computers in Society - 3 hours
FSID 108GS, Space for Family Living - 3 hours
FSID 110GS, Introduction to Nutrition - 3 hours
FSID 151GS, Human Sexual Behavior - 3 hours
FSID 160GS, Personal Money Management - 3 hours
ITEC 150GS, Telecommunications Literacy - 3 hours
ITEC 211GS, Alternate Energy and Technology - 3 hours
JMC 100GS, Mass Media in America - 3 hours
MUS 159GS, Piano Fundamentals - 1 hour
PE 109GS, Basic Sports - 1 hour
PE 110GS, Basic Sports - 0.5 hour
PE 160GS, Healthful Living - 3 hours
PE 260GS, First Aid, Responding to Emergencies - 2 hours
SFED 235GS, General Safety Education - 3 hours
SOWK 170GS, Introduction to Social Welfare - 3 hours
WSTD 220GS, Introduction to Women's Studies - 3 hours

11 May 2006