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Offered by Department of Teacher Education
College of Education

PTE 250 - Introduction to Language Minority Students - 2 hours
Prereq: none
The purpose of this course is to provide the prospective entry-level teacher with information relating to changing demographics underlying the presence of language minority students in the public schools, the acculturation process, the terminology of second language education, legal issues for Limited English Proficient students, and program models designed to serve them. Special attention is given to identifying the attitudes, skills, and behaviors which the monolingual classroom teacher needs to develop in order to effectively teach language minority students. (Grading A-F)
PTE 290 - Field Experience: Human Services - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The student will be assigned to a human service agency that works with elementary/secondary youth. Take concurrently with PTE 200 (Transfer Students should consult the KASE Office).(Credit/No Credit)
PTE 350 - Content Methods in English as a Second Language - 3 hours
Prereq: none
This course is designed to provide regular classroom teachers with knowledge and skills will enable them to work more effectively with language minority students in the regular classroom setting, so these students will not fall behind academically while they are learning English. Specifically, the focus is on understandings and skills which will enable the regular classroom teacher to reinforce the learning of English by language minority students while teaching the "regular" content in the "regular" classroom. (Grading A-F)
PTE 390 - A-B-C-D-E-L-S  Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience - 1 hour
Prereq: PTE 290
The student will be assigned to a classroom in a school system, working under the direction of a specific teacher or teachers. Take concurrently with PTE 300. (Credit/No Credit)
PTE 400 - Supervised Student Teaching - 3-15 hours
Prereq: PTE 464*, admission to Teacher Education
Students are to work with their academic advisor and/or the KASE Office to: (a) determine eligibility and the application process/timeline; (b) determine the appropriate number of credit hours; and (c) determine the appropriate section of PTE 400 (Credit/No Credit)
PTE 401 - Multicultural Understanding - 1 hour
Prereq: none
Designed to enable the future classroom teacher to promote multicultural understanding through varied learning experiences focusing on language and cultural diversity. (Grading A-F)
PTE 455 - Educational Assessment of ESL Students - 3 hours
Prereq: none
The purpose of this course is to provide training to bilingual and regular education teachers in the area of appropriate educational assessment of non-English speaking and ESL students. The course will review principles of measurement and interpretation of current educational tests (intelligence, achievement, language proficiency, and adjustment scales). Alternative, equitable forms of assessment will be taught and students will demonstrate an ability to develop and carry out an evaluation plan with a language minority student. (Grading A-F)
PTE 464 - Contemporary Issues in Education - 2 hours
Prereq: PTE 200, PTE 300 and admission to Teacher Education
This course will provide an understanding of the school's organization, administration and financing, as well as the relationship of the school and the teacher to the community, the state and the nation. This course is to be completed prior to student teaching. (Grading A-F)

* This course is the immediate prerequisite. Other preparation is required prior to this immediate prerequisite.

11 May 2006