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Offered by College of Education

The following course meets for the entire semester for 3 hours of regular credit counting toward graduation.
LNSK 103 - University Foundations - 3 hours
Prereq: none
Students enrolled in the class will 1) clarify personal, educational, and professional goals; 2) obtain information about academic programs and requirements; 3) understand occupational implications of their educational choices; 4) develop and improve their study and time management skills; 5) become familiar with university procedures, resources, and services; and 6) develop a spirit of self-awareness, self-criticism, and self-esteem.
LNSK 075 Learning Skills (Credit does not count toward any degree.)
Prereq: none
The Learning Strategies Office also provides a variety of short courses or modules for students who wish to improve their learning techniques and skills. The areas of study have been designed to assist all participants who want aid in developing skills and habits that lead to academic success. Each of these modules is for one hour credit, but such credit does not count toward any degree. Since each module lasts for only four weeks, a students may enroll in three modules in the same time bracket during any semester. Additionally, the classes may also be taken as independent study.
LNSK 075a - Study Skills - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Study Skills module emphasizes time management, memorization techniques and efficient textbook study. Students will be encouraged to select, adapt, and utilize appropriate methods to aid textbook comprehension and retention.
LNSK 075b - Listening and Notetaking - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Listening and Notetaking module teaches students to identify important concepts in lectures, arrange these concepts into efficient notes, and use effective study techniques in learning information from these notes.
LNSK 075c - Vocabulary Expansion - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Vocabulary Expansion module deals with words seldom heard in conversations but often utilized in college textbooks and lectures. It is an excellent review for those planning to take the GRE.
LNSK 075d - Test Anxiety - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Test Anxiety module emphasizes self-relaxation techniques, good test-taking habits and techniques that enable students to do their best in test-taking situations.
LNSK 075e - Reading Improvement I - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Reading Improvement I module is designed to improve speed and comprehension. Emphasis is on the identification of main ideas, supporting details, and organizational patterns.
LNSK 075f - Reading Improvement II - 1 hour
Prereq: none
Reading Improvement II is an extension of Reading Improvement I with additional emphasis on skimming, scanning, and critical reading (drawing inferences, evaluating arguments, and detecting bias.)
LNSK 075g - Spelling Improvement - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Spelling Improvement module is designed to assist students in spelling difficult words. A self-correctional method, spelling rules and an individualized approach will help students improve their spelling abilities.
LNSK 075h - Writing a Research Paper - 1 hour
Prereq: none
Students are led through the entire process from the initial step of selecting a topic and narrowing down the topic to the final step of preparing the final draft. This module is specifically designed for students with little or no experience in writing a research paper.
LNSK 075i - Critical Thinking - 1 hour
Prereq: none
The Critical Thinking module enables students to recognize qualities of critical thinking, use organized approaches to solve problems, and use information to form concepts and draw conclusions.

11 May 2006