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Students wishing to transfer credit hours earned at a foreign college or university must furnish to the Office of Student Records and Registration:

  1. An original transcript, with the official seal or signatures of the college.
  2. A literal translation of the document.
  3. A course-by-course description explaining the subject matter studied.
  4. Other information regarding previous educational experience, as requested.

The above information may result in the award of transfer credit, as determined by the UNK Office of Student Records and Registration in consultation with the appropriate academic departments.

Note: The University of Nebraska at Kearney College of Education, along with other UNK departments, requires the above information be evaluated by a professional educational credentials evaluation agency, selected by UNK. Any charges or fees for such evaluations are paid by the student. Such professional paid evaluations are also necessary when UNK does not have the internal resources to translate/interpret the documents.

11 May 2006