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Gary Davis, Director

Designed for students of high academic abilities, the Honors Program offers an exciting experience in the liberal arts tradition. Small classes enhance student-faculty interaction and increase opportunities for intellectual exploration. At the same time, this four-year program enriches and supplements all academic majors in the University. It also offers interdisciplinary seminars and an excellent opportunity for independent study. Students will mix with the larger University community and reap the benefits of social and professional variety.

While the Honors Program at UNK is primarily an academic program, it offers students a number of diverse social and personal opportunities. By choosing one of the Honors Halls, Stout Hall or Randall Hall, students may engage in unique living experience that provides study groups, leadership opportunities, seminar classes, discussions with noted scholars and political leaders, and informal chat groups. OF course, since these students experience so much together, they also form lasting friendships with both their fellow students and their faculty. Those who participate in the Honors Hall experience a residential college at its finest.

11 May 2006